Clinical Nurse Specialist - Suicide Crisis Assessment Nurse (scan) - Supplementary Campaign, Ireland

Ireland, Ireland, Ireland
Published 2023-01-25
Expires 2023-02-25
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Clinical Nurse Specialist - Suicide Crisis Assessment Nurse (scan) - Supplementary Campaign, Ireland
Ireland, Ireland, Ireland,
Published January 25, 2023

Job details:

Job type: Part time
Contract type: Permanent
Salary type: Monthly
Occupation: Clinical nurse specialist - suicide crisis assessment nurse (scan) - supplementary campaign

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Application Form only - CV's will NOT be accepted. Location of Post: South East Community Healthcare (SECH) Covering the counties of Carlow, Kilkenny, South Tipperary, Waterford and Wexford. There is currently 1 permanent whole time vacancy available in Carlow Mental Health Services. The successful candidates may be required to work in any service area within the vicinity as the need arises. Please note that there are existing panels in place for Clinical Nurse Specialist – Suicide Crisis Assessment Nurse (SCAN) for South East Community Healthcare. The existing panel will take precedence over the supplementary panel created through this campaign for any future posts that arise. A panel may be formed as a result of this campaign for Clinical Nurse Specialist - Suicide Crisis Assessment Nurse (SCAN) Supplementary Campaign from which current and future, permanent and specified purpose vacancies of full or part-time duration may be filled across Carlow / Kilkenny, South Tipperary, Waterford or Wexford Community Services. Details of Service: The Suicide Crisis Assessment Nurse (SCAN) was introduced to Ireland in 2007 as a distinct response to persons experiencing a suicidal crisis who contact Primary Care services. The service is in place in eight services in the country, covering 20% of the population. SCAN service evaluations reported in 2012 and 2019 concluded that SCAN is perceived as a valuable, accessible and timely service by GPs, consultant psychiatrists and service users. As a separate initiative, The National Clinical Programme for Self Harm and Suicide Related Ideation (NCPSHI) has been running since 2014, currently in 25 EDs with 24-hour service. The NCPSHI involves a clinical nurse specialist (CNS) or psychiatry NCHD to support individuals who present to an ED following self-harm or with suicidal ideation. The Updated NCPSHI Model of Care 2022 provides for the extension of the NCPSHI service into primary care, for people presenting to their GP in suicidal crisis who do not require to be seen in an ED setting for medical reasons. This involves the incorporation of the SCAN service into the NCPSHI and its development in local areas in all parts of Ireland. The role of the SCAN service is to provide assessment and support to GP patients who have suicide-related thoughts, who do not have an acute mental illness requiring immediate input from a secondary mental health team and are not at immediate risk of suicide. Within the SCAN service, all patients remain in primary care and if a SCAN and / or the GP deem that a referral to a CMHT is required, the normal referral process by a GP to the CMHT will be followed. SCAN practitioners will be funded, recruited and managed by the mental health services and employed at either Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) or Advanced Nurse Practitioner (ANP) grades. Purpose of Post: The purpose of this Clinical Nurse Specialist Suicide Crisis Assessment post is to: Deliver care in line with the five core concepts of the role set out in the Framework for the Establishment of Clinical Nurse Specialist Posts, 4thedition, National Council for the Professional Development of Nursing and Midwifery (NCNM) 2008. SCAN CNS will also follow a Model of Care that aligns with the four components of the NCPSHI: a compassionate, empathic response for people who have self-harmed or are suicidal; an expert biopsychosocial assessment, including a written emergency care plan; family involvement where possible, and follow-up and linkage to next appropriate care (SCAN 2022). SCAN CNS will complete assessments, develop a collaborative safety plan with the patient and a family member or supportive adult, and provide a follow-up phone call and linkage to the next appropriate care. All current SCAN and equivalent practitioners will be supported as staff implementing the NCPSHI. SCAN practitioners will be required to implement the NCPSHI, and attend required training and education events organised by NCPSHI. Data will be collated on all presentations to SCAN services, and submitted to the NCP office on a monthly basis. The NCPSHI office will review the practice, supervision and work practices of all SCAN practitioners, and support the practitioner and the service in fully implementing the NCPSHI. Key to effective working between GPs and the SCAN service and between GPs and secondary mental health services is effective and timely communication. There will be a requirement to work collaboratively to develop pathways of care along with referral procedures with other statutory and voluntary agencies within the community / locality. Caseload All patients must be over the age of 18 at the time of referral Currently accessing primary care services via General Practitioner Experience suicidal ideation or thoughts of self-harm

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