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Health Care Assistant - Theatre, Dublin
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Job Title: Health Care AssistantDepartment: TheatreReports to: Theatre ManagerDate: 2023Overall Purpose of JobWe will provide exceptional patient care in an environment where quality, respect, caring and compassion are at the centre of all we do.The Health Care Assistant - Theatre assists the nursing staff in the delivery of individualized patient care under the direction and supervision of a registered nurse. They assist in the smooth running of the department and the provision of quality patient care.Nursing staff will assign and oversee the work which will be undertaken by the Health Care Assistant.Key Responsibilities and DeliverablesGeneral:To adhere to the Beacon Hospital guidelines and policies.The duties/responsibilities outlined below are not of an exhaustive nature.To maintain a safe working environment as set out in the Health and Safety at Work Act.Treat patients with respect and maintain strict confidentiality at all times.Support nurses in their work with patients.Be familiar with Hospital policies, procedures, protocols and employee handbook.Report all accidents and incidents involving self, patients, or visitors to Clinical Nurse Manager or Deputy.Report to the Clinical Nurse Manager any damaged equipment, clinical or other and mark it dearly that it is not suitable for use.Assist with Emergency First Aid as directed.To attend in-service education as required for the role. Communication:Health Care Assistants are requested to report to Nurse in Charge arriving and leaving the Department.Treat colleagues, consultants, patients with respect at all times.Report to nursing staff any complaints of pain or distress expressed by the patients.Report to nursing staff any accident, incident or unusual occurrences.Answer telephones/take messages - referring queries in relation to patients to the Nurse in Charge.Read, act and respond to all Memos' posted on the notice board and to your personal e-mail. Care of Patients:Receive patients to the clinical area/holding bay with courtesy.Explain all procedures you carry out to patients prior to performing the procedure.Respect the privacy and dignity of patients at all times. Administrative duties:Complete selected stock sheet daily or bi-weekly and inform Theatre Stock Controller of the stocks as required.Carry out other such administration duties as requested by the Manager.Be aware of all policies in relation to health and safety.The Health Care Assistant will perform other duties appropriate to the post as may be assigned to him/her from time to time by the Theatre Manager and /or Director of Nursing. You may be transferred to other floors of the hospital as the need arises.Daily Routines:All duties are to be carried out under the supervision of the CNM or Registered Nurse/ODP allocated to the Operating Room to which you are assigned for the day.Check allocation on the board and go directly to the Theatre(s) to which you are assigned.Under the direction of Nurse in charge, bring in and position any extra equipment which is required.Ensure that positioning equipment necessary for the list is available, clean and in good working order.Check that the following items in all Scrub Room, Theatre & Anaesthetic Rooms and are stocked according to levels posted on stock sheets.Anaesthetic Room – Intravenous fluids, unsterile gloves, gels & soaps, disinfectant wipes.Theatre - Incontinence sheets, gamgee, unsterile gloves (S, M, L) in holders, and on the anaesthetic machine, disinfectant wipes, spiragel, positioning aids, linen, suction liners.Theatre cupboard to be stocked according to levels indicated on Stock Sheet, any excess stock to be removed and returned to stores.Scrub Room – Sterile gloves, sterile gowns, scrub brushes, masks, protective goggles/glasses, antiseptic soap, replacement soap, plungers.Any other items which are on the stock list according to individual theatres. Patient Duties:When requested assist Anaesthetist and Anaesthetic Nurse to transport patient into the theatre, lock table and position patient as directed by Anaesthetist and surgeon.Place transporter in utility/sluice room.Where required assist with the holding of limbs during cleaning and draping.At the end of the operation, assist in returning patient to normal supine position.Assist with transfer of patient to bed/trolley and transfer of patient to the Recovery Room.Between cases:Wipe down positioning equipment used.Wipe down heavy equipment, unplug and return to storage area.Remove all contaminated/ uncontaminated waste bags according to hospital policy.Dispose of contaminated suction liners and replace with clean ones.Clean floor according to hospital policy.Prepare Operating Table/ Trolley for next case.SheetInco sheetBlanketPillowBring in any other equipment needed.Tidy scrub room. At the end of the list:Wipe down decontaminate all positioning equipment and store correctly.Anaesthetic Room, Theatre and Scrub Room to be stocked to levels according to posted stock list in the Theatre(s) to which you are allocated before going off duty at the end of a shift. (All items which are not on the stock list are to be removed and returned to the stock room.)Clean any equipment and confirm with green clean sticker before removing from the Theatre and replacing in storage area.After theatre has been cleaned return all furniture and equipment to the theatre.Evenings:Check all heavy equipment has been put away and stored correctly.Check lead aprons are clean and ensure they have been hung up correctly on stands.Check positioning equipment is clean and stored correctly.Emergency Theatre stocked and ready. (If theatres are still in use, at least (one) theatre is to be prepared in case of emergency)Tables tops and trolleys wiped down, clean and ready for the following morning.Do not leave department or go off duty without reporting to the Nurse in charge of the department.Duties of outside HCA:Prepare theatre tables/ trolleys for expected patients - Sheets/ pillow/ blanket/ step.Collect patient's beds from wards as directed by registered nurse in holding bay.Return patients to ward from recovery as directed (Co-ordinate activities where possible so that beds can be collected when returning a patient, vice versa).At 11.00 hr and 16.00 hr and 19.00 transport any specimens to the laboratory.Wipe down and decontaminate all used trolleys/ table tops and prepare for the next patient.Keep holding bay clean and tidy at all times. Wipe down chairs.Transport dirty1inen safely in correct and appropriate bags.Stock- clean delivery room and put stock away.Limb Holding Duties:All HCA's working in Theatre are to be trained to fulfill the duties of 'Limb holder'.Check and prepare theatres and scrub room as for all other theatres.Assist with positioning of the patient and application of tourniquet where necessary.Hold /elevate limbs to facilitate cleaning with draping.Gown and Glove as per sterile technique, and under direction of the consultant assist with the holding and positioning of limbs during surgery.A retractor, which has been placed by the Consultant may be held by the HCA, but care to be taken that you never place any instruments or your hands inside a wound at any time, under any circumstances.Diathermy may be activated by an HCA in order to apply cautery, and you may assist in using suction to clear blood from the operative field.When the wound has been dosed and the dressing applied or when deemed suitable by consultant un-scrub to resume routine HCA duties.Requirements of the role holderWork will generally take place in or around Operating Theatres and ability to perform the role in this environment is essential.May be required to be on standby and work extended shifts from time to time as service needs demand.Shift work and on call duties may be required, depending on the needs of the department.Lifting and positioning of heavy objects will be required.Vision, hearing, talking, and sense of touch abilities must be adequate enough to enable one to quickly and accurately perform tasks such as: reading small print, reading from monitoring equipment, defining details, sending and receiving clear and accurate verbal communication.Frequent periods of concentrated or focused attention will be needed to interpret visual, auditory, and sensory inputs. Alertness and careful attention to detail will be required.May be exposed to occupational hazards such as communicable diseases, radiation, chemotherapeutic agents, and disoriented or combative patients.Mobile phones are prohibited for use within the operating theatre.Person SpecificationQualifications Health Care Assistant – QQI award desirable ExperiencePrevious experience of patient care in a theatre environment is desirable.Training will be provided.Job SpecificCompetencies and KnowledgeAbility to work efficiently under direction from nursing and on own initiative when required.Ability to work in a physically demanding environment where pushing, positioning and lifting heavy loads can be a feature of the role.Demonstrated ability to work effectively in a fast-moving clinical environment.Personal competenciesWork to a high standard delivering quality service to patients and other users of the healthcare facilities.Ability to take direction from nursing and other senior stakeholders and to follow instruction.Communicate effectively with all stakeholders and team-members.Be a practitioner and advocate for safe working practices within their area.Be flexible and adaptable and approach work with a “can do” attitude.Carry out any other appropriate duties as required by the Theatre ManagerThis job description is intended to be an outline of the areas of responsibility and deliverables at the time of its writing. As the Hospital and the post holder develop, this job description may be subject to review in light of the changing needs of the Hospital.

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Job type: Full time
Contract type: Permanent
Salary type: Monthly
Occupation: Health care assistant - theatre

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